The Maine Ceremonies Process

You are getting married – congratulations! I believe that your wedding ceremony is the foundation upon which you begin your new lives together. That means that the ceremony shouldn’t just be about you, it should truly capture who you are…and it certainly shouldn’t be some generic script with your names inserted into it.

Creating the perfect ceremony begins with an initial, free consultation where I can learn more about who you are as a couple and the type and structure of the wedding ceremony that you are dreaming of. You can also learn more about me and ensure that you are comfortable trusting Maine Ceremonies with such an important moment in your lives.

Following the initial consultation,  there is homework for you…yes, homework! First, I provide both of you with a short series of question prompts, a few of which are serious and a few of which are tastefully humorous. I will use your answers in the ceremony itself to ensure that it captures your authentic voice and love for one another. If you are willing, I usually ask that you keep your answers secret from each other so that you can hear your partner’s words for the first time during the ceremony, which I have found can provide a touching and spontaneous feel to the ceremony.

Second, I provide you with self-directed premarital education exercises that I highly encourage you to complete together with your partner. While I recommend adding at least one premarital education session with me to each wedding ceremony package, if you choose not to, I do ask that you use the exercises to spend some time talking about important issues, like conflict resolution, finances, family dynamics, etc., prior to the wedding day. Remember, a wedding is not just an event, it is the beginning of a marriage.

Once we have discussed your vision and I have received your answers to the question prompts, I can begin constructing the ceremony script. Once I have completed a first draft, I will provide that back to you (with the secret question prompt answers redacted) and we can begin editing it together over the phone and through email until you are completely satisfied. As your wedding day approaches, you are welcome to call or email me at any time with questions, concerns, requests for advice, or whatever. I am here for you.

Either the day before or the morning of the ceremony, I will lead a wedding rehearsal for your wedding party, immediate families, and any readers or other participants. The rehearsal will help to ensure that all logistical issues are thought through and ironed out before the actual ceremony and will also help to alleviate any nerves you might be feeling.

On the day of the ceremony, I arrive early to ensure there is time for me to coordinate with photographers, DJs, and other vendors at the venue to ensure a smooth and seamless ceremony.

Finally, following the ceremony, I personally handle all marriage documents and ensure delivery to the appropriate town clerk so that your wedding is fully legal. Even after this is complete, I am always available to you if you need advice about obtaining copies of your marriage license or anything else.

*A somewhat modified version of this process is used for commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and elopements. See the ceremony packages below for details.