Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Maine Ceremonies as my wedding officiant?

First, the Maine Ceremonies Process is uniquely able to tailor your ceremony to reflect your personality and beliefs. The ceremony is all about you and even incorporates your authentic voice and words as a major part of the script. While I may be more expensive than some officiants, our rates allow us to spend the time to ensure you are completely satisfied with your ceremony…and I am a bargain compared to some officiants!

Second, Maine will allow almost anyone to officiate weddings and advertise their services. All you need to do is receive “ordination” from one of the many websites out there that will sell it to you once you provide your email address and credit card number. I should know…that is how I got started officiating weddings in Maine, as an “ordained clergy member” in the Church of Spiritual Humanism! However, that “ordination” does not mean that the person is any good at speaking in front of crowds or that they are familiar with the Maine wedding license process. On the other hand, I am an accomplished public speaker and debater and am also now a registered Maine Notary Public, which is the Maine equivalent of other states’ Justice of the Peace for wedding officiating purposes, and means that I have demonstrated my knowledge of the applicable processes. You can trust that I will conduct your ceremony with gravitas and ensure that all your paperwork is properly handled.

What is your philosophy on religion/spirituality in your wedding ceremonies?

I am a non-denominational and largely secular officiant. However, I am happy to be flexible and incorporate some religious or spiritual traditions or readings into your ceremony. If you would like to have First Corinthians as one of your readings, great! If you would like to have a chuppah and glass-breaking as part of your ceremony, great! If you would like me to welcome everyone in the sight of God or Mother Earth, great! However, if you are looking for a religious Christian wedding, I am probably not the officiant for you.

What do you usually wear as an officiant?

I usually wear a black or gray suit. However, I am happy to wear a tuxedo, jeans and a jacket, shorts and a button down, or anything else you would prefer (within reason).

Can we write our own wedding vows?

Yes! I encourage it. While I have a number of standard sets of vows that you are welcome to use if you choose, writing your own vows helps to even further personalize your ceremony.